Zavod Toplivnogo Oborudovaniya (Fuel Equipment Factory), produces equipment under the registered trademark «TANKER» (No.612862) for delivery, storage, pumping, fuel filling (dispensing) of various POL, acids, alcohol, alkalies, solvents, liquid foodstuff, various viscosity oils including thermal one, consumables necessary for continuous filling station operation, oil product storages and operation of cars and special equipment.

Specialists working in ZTO have an expertise in the production of equipment for oil industry. Since 1998 they have been working in the largest Ural companies in the manufacture of various equipment for oil-well experts.

Our company produces series of motor pumps, pumps and pump stations for fuel and aggressive fluid pumping. We also manufacture equipment for fluid pumping and metering in compliance with the technical requirements of our customers starting the work with them from the questionnaire filling. Our storage always has a good range of national and foreign accessory parts available for sale.

We conduct: production, selection, sale, commissioning, further maintenance and repair of equipment. We are looking for cooperation with specialized organizations to conclude dealer agreements for equipment supply.

A modular complex «TANKER»  consists of various technical means providing for a combined operation of the complex equipment. The content of technical means is defined by a filled questionnaire or the statement of work/construction or reconstruction project made for the customer’s facility. When produced and put into operation, the complex is checked for the combined work of technical means and the compliance with the stated technical characteristics. At the customer’s facility, under real operation conditions technical characteristics can vary. To obtain necessary characteristics, the customer’s facility should correspond to all necessary conditions providing for the complex normal operation. The characteristics and operation peculiarities of each technical device are specified in a proper operation manual.

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